Thursday, 13 September 2012

Does your stationary break the rules?

A company letterhead speaks volumes about a business, its brand, and the market in which it operates.  But aside from worrying about the colour of the paper and the style of logo there are strict rules that require all companies and LLP’s to provide specific information.

Obviously the company’s name should appear but the company’s registration number needs to be there as well.  Less well known is that recent changes require a company’s place of registration to appear as well, such as England and Wales.

Details of the company’s registered office must be provided.  Finally, if the company is being wound up, this must be stated too.  All lettering used in meeting these requirements must be “legible”.

The rules apply to all hard copy, electronic, or any other form of communication.  So websites and all emails need to comply, as must all order forms, notices, and other official publications.

Failure to include the information could lead to a warning from Companies House, but the rules also provide for various fines and other penalties to be imposed.  For the sake of stating some basic information this can easily be avoided.

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